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[kfs-waehler] KFS-Wahl / KFS election

KFS email newsletter on August 20, 2020

Dear colleagues,

the German Committee Research with Synchrotron Radiation (KFS) represents the interests of synchrotron radiation users in Germany towards politics, facilities and the public. It legitimizes itself by the election of its members by the users.

The 12th KFS will be elected in October. Are you eligible to vote?

If this definition applies to you and you would like to participate in theelection, please contact me (email to, subject: "KFS-Wahlbestaetigung")!

Eligible for election are all scientists from institutions in Germany who are actively conducting research with synchrotron radiation and who have a university or college degree. Also eligible to vote are German scientists who work abroad at international institutions with German participation and who meet the above-mentioned requirements. In case of doubt, the committee will decide.

With kind regards,

Karin Griewatsch, KFS PR

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