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News from the committee

Celebrating the 100th KFS meeting
A panel discussion and a public talk were the highlights of the 100. meetings of the German comittee research with synchrotrons radiation on Feb 28, 2020 in Kiel
Election result 12. KFS
The synchrotron radiation users in Germany have elected their representatives for the next 3 years.
Interview 2017
Interview with the KFS chair Prof. Stefan Eisbitt and his deputy, Dr. Bridget Murphy
KFS election is running!
Synchrotron radiation users in Germany elect their representation for the next 3 years - deadline is October 30
KFS user survey
New strategy brochure of the KFS
Research with photons - light for the future, spring 2020
Prof. Dr Jan-Dierk Grunwaldt is the new KFS chair and Prof. Sarah Köster is KFS vice chair
New KFS chairs, December 14, 2020
Talk by Metin Tolan in Kiel
Ich sehe was, was Du nicht siehst! - Wie man mit Röntgenstrahlung zur wahren Erkenntnis kommt
What the KFS does
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