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Welcome at the German Committee Research with Synchrotron Radiation (KFS)

What is the KFS?

The KFS consists of eight elected representatives of the synchrotron radiation users, representatives of the synchrotron facilites and of the funding agencies, see members 2017-2020. It represents the insterest of synchrotrons radiation users (including FELs) and keeps up a dialogue on the future of the research with synchrotron radiation. It is the aim of the KFS to foster research with synchrotron radiation.

What does it mean that my address has been sent to KFS?

When you have given your censent on a facility website that your address may be given to the kFS, your address wil be added to the KFS database. This database is kept offline due to security reasons.

You get an email explaining the use of your data and how to ask us for changes or for deletion.

You will get our quarterly email newsletters and you can take part in the next election of the KFS in 2020. Even before the election, each registered user adds to the political weight of the KFS.

Two important questions -
Please send an email, if you answer one of them with "no"!

Are you eligible to vote?
All scientists working at institutions in Germany who are actively using synchrotron radiation and who have completed a degree are eligible. Also eligible are scientists of German nationality who work abroad at international institutions with German contribution and who fulfill the above mentioned requirements. In cases of doubt the committee decides.

Do you want to get our quartlery email newsletter?

We send out information about the acitivities of the KFS, important news and events.

If you don't do anything, you will be listed as eligible to vote (unless you gave us a private email address) and as reciepient of email newsletters.

  • Not eligible to vote? > We should know! You can still be registered and get KFS email newsletters. We will ask for your eligibility again shortly before the election.
  • No email newsletter? > Unsubscribe (see below)!
  • Neither nor? Then there is no reason to save your data.
IMPORTANT!!! please send an email to K. Griewatsch, if one of these point applies to you.

How can I delete my data?

If you don't work with synchrotrons radiation, please send an email to K. Griewatsch.

What does the KFS do?

The Committee Research with Synchrotron Radiation meets several times per year for an exchange of activities and strategies for the future. Recommendations are published as brochures. The KFS is involved in the organization of schools and conferences and it sends representatives to other boards. The KFS runs a website, which keeps users and others updated about research with synchrotron radiation. Registered users get quarterly email newsletters with information on activities and news.

Welcome to the community of synchrotron radiation users!

By the end of 2018, about 4700 synchrotron radiation users are registered with KFS, of which 83% are eligible to vote. We are glad that you want to join them! You can also take contact directly with the KFS members, e.g. the chair Bridget Murphy and her deputy Jan-Dierk Grunwaldt, or the responsible persons for user affairs (Birgit Kanngießer), instrumentation and data strategy (Christian Gutt) and PR and outreach (Sarah Köster). Also the webmaster Karin Griewatsch is happy to receive feedback about the website and PR matters.