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Committee Research with Synchrotron Radiation

The Committee Research with Synchrotron Radiation (KFS) is elected by the synchrotron ratiation users in Germany to represent their interest and to foster research with synchrotron radiation.

Registration for elections / email newsletter

Every three years, a new KFS is elected by the registered synchrotron radiation users. The KFS stays in contact with them by sending out email newsletters. How to register is explained here.

SNI2022: Big infrastructure, big research, big city

07 September 2022: Personal exchange on research with synchrotron radiation, neutrons and ions - finally

ReMade@ARI: EU project for new recycling materials

01 Sept. 2022: Europe-wide research with photons, electrons, neutrons, ions, positrons and the strongest magnetic fields for new products for circular economy

Synchrotron research for climate protection and energy transition

New topic on the KFS website, 14 June 2022

Team Up for Transfer

KFS Transfer Workshop, Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin/online, 28.-29. April 2022