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Chair: Dr. Bridget Murphy Vice Chair: Prof. Dr. Jan-Dierk Grunwaldt
The KFS consists of the representatives of synchrotron radiation users, synchrotron radiation sources and funding institutions. It represents the synchrotron radiation users and gives advice for the future of research with synchrotron radiation.
Archaeopteryx at ESRF: Hints on active flight


The question of whether the Late Jurassic dino-bird Archaeopteryx was an elaborately feathered ground dweller, a glider, or an active flyer has fascinated palaeontologists for decades. Valuable new information obtained with state-of-the-art synchrotron microtomography at the ESRF allowed an international team of scientists to answer this question in Nature Communications. The wing bones of Archaeopteryx were shaped for incidental active flight, but not for the advanced style of flying mastered by today"s birds. [more] [archive]

approaching deadlines:

Apr. 29, 2018: Registration deadline for Time, Work and Function: time resolved synchrotron and neutron techniques for studies of soft, biological and hard matter (TWF2018), 13.06.2018 - 15.06.2018
Apr. 30, 2018: Registration deadline for RACIRI Summer School - From Basic Science and Applications to Technologies inspired by Nature, 25.08.2018 - 01.09.2018
Apr. 30, 2018: Abstract deadline for Science@FELs 2018, 25.06.2018 - 27.06.2018
Apr. 30, 2018: Registration deadline for Science@FELs 2018, 25.06.2018 - 27.06.2018
Apr. 30, 2018: Abstract deadline for Synchrotron Radiation and Neutron in Art and Archaeology, 03.09.2018 - 07.09.2018
May. 01, 2018: Abstract deadline for 14th Biennial Conference on High-Resolution X-Ray Diffraction and Imaging, 03.09.2018 - 07.09.2018

Bridget Murphy is the new KFS chair

Bridget Murphy (CAU Kiel) was elected as new chair of the 11th KFS on July 17, 2017. Jan-Dierk Grunwaldt (KIT) is the deputy chair. The departments are taken over by Sarah Köster (Göttingen University, public relations), Christian Gutt (Siegen University, instrumentation and data strategy) and Birgit Kanngießer (TU Berlin, user affairs). [more] [archive]
May 4th ist abstract deadline of the German Conference for Research with Synchrotron Radiation, Neutrons and Ion Beams at Large Facilities (SNI2018)!

We invite you to submit abstracts for the German Conference for Research with Synchrotron Radiation, Neutrons and Ion Beams at Large Facilities 2018 (SNI2018, Garching, Sept. 17-19, 2018)! Students below PhD-level are also warmly invited to participate in this conference. When registering until May 4, 2018 and handing in some documents, the conference fee will be remitted. You can even ask for some financial support for travel costs. [more] [archive]
BESSY II bekommt ein weltweit einzigartiges Upgrade: Article on BESSY VSR

In the latest issue of the HZB magazine "Lichtblick", the future of synchrotron radiation at HZB is in the focus. The planned upgrade BESSY VSR offers a huge added value to science and opens up the door to new research topics, explain Andreas Jankowiak and Alexander Föhlisch. The article is only available in German. [more] [archive]
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