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Chairman: Prof. Dr. Stefan Eisebitt / Vice Chairwoman: Dr. Bridget Murphy
The KFS consists of the representatives of synchrotron radiation users, synchrotron radiation sources and funding institutions. It represents the synchrotron radiation users and gives advice for the future of research with synchrotron radiation.
European XFEL
The Light Machine: The Magazine Spiegel reports on European XFEL

Philipp Seibt
Source: Spiegel Online

Im Spiegel Online erschiem am 01.04.2017 ein Artikel zum European XFEL mit dem Titel „Die Lichtmaschine - Zu Besuch beim teuersten Experiment Deutschlands“. Acht Jahre Bauzeit, mehr als 1,2 Milliarden Euro teuer: Bei Hamburg soll in diesem Jahr die hellste Röntgenquelle der Welt in Betrieb gehen. Eine Forschungsanlage der Superlative. Wofür ist die gut? Eine Multimedia-Story von Philipp Seibt - lesen Sie [more] [archive]

approaching deadlines:

Apr. 30, 2017: Preregistration deadline (cheaper) for 3rd International Conference on Rheology and Modeling of Materials (ic-rmm3), 02.10.2017 - 06.10.2017
Apr. 30, 2017: Abstract deadline for Dynamical Properties of Solids, DyProSo 2017, 27.08.2017 - 31.08.2017
May. 01, 2017: Registration deadline for Terahertz science at European XFEL, 01.06.2017 - 02.06.2017
May. 01, 2017: Abstract deadline for AVS Special Session: Novel Trends in Synchrotron and FEL-Based Analysis, 29.10.2017 - 03.11.2017
May. 01, 2017: Registration deadline for 8th International Particle Accelerator Conference, 14.05.2017 - 19.05.2017
May. 02, 2017: Registration deadline for PARI2017: Public Awareness of Research Infrastructures - Communicating the importance of science to society, 29.05.2017 - 30.05.2017
May. 02, 2017: Abstract deadline for PETRA IV Coherence Workshop, 26.06.2017 - 28.06.2017

KFS-election 2017: The result

The German synchrotron radiation users have elected their new representatives. 8 candidates out of 15 were elected (Eisebitt, Frahm, Grunwaldt, Gutt, Kanngießer, Köster, Murphy, Rossnagel). To complete the KFS it needs: one representative of each synchrotron centre, maximum 4 members who are coopted by the elected members to cover important scientific fields, and a representative of the ESUO, BMBF, DFG and the Project Management Organisation as guests. Here, we present the election result. [more] [archive]
European XFEL
Particle accelerator for the European XFEL X-ray laser operational

The international X-ray laser European XFEL has reached one of its final major milestones on the way to scientific user operation. DESY has successfully commissioned the particle accelerator, which drives the X-ray laser along its full length. It is the worlds longest superconducting linear accelerator. [more] [archive]
RACIRI Summer School 2017: Grand Challenges and Opportunities with the Best X-ray and Neutron Sources

This year’s RACIRI Summer School will take place in Ronneby in Southern Sweden (August 19-26, 2017). "Grand Challenges and Opportunities with the Best X-ray and Neutron Sources" is the motto of the course which addresses senior masters students in the final phase of their study programme (master/diploma), or PhD students with proven academic background and necessary qualifications, or young scientists (Postdocs). There will be scholarships for students and young scientists who are working at German research institutions or universities and who are residents of Germany. [more] [archive]