Committee Research with Synchrotron Radiation
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Chairman: Prof. Dr. Stefan Eisebitt / Vice Chairwoman: Dr. Bridget Murphy
The KFS consists of the representatives of synchrotron radiation users, synchrotron radiation sources and funding institutions. It represents the synchrotron radiation users and gives advice for the future of research with synchrotron radiation.
X-ray experiments reveal peculiar behaviour of the most incompressible metal on Earth


An international team of scientists led by the University of Bayreuth and with participation of DESY has created the highest static pressure ever achieved in a lab: Using a special high pressure device, the researchers investigated the behaviour of the metal osmium at pressures of up to 770 Gigapascals (GPa). Surprisingly, osmium does not change its crystal structure even at the highest pressures, but the core electrons of the atoms come so close to each other that they can interact – contrary to what is usually known in chemistry. This fundamental result published in the journal Nature has important implications for understanding physics and chemistry of highly compressed matter, for design of materials to be used at extreme conditions, and for modelling the interiors of giant planets and stars. [more] [archive]

approaching deadlines:

Sep. 02, 2015: Deadline for proposals PETRA III
Sep. 02, 2015: Deadline for proposals ALS
Sep. 10, 2015: Deadline for proposals ESRF
Sep. 15, 2015: Registration deadline for Joint Workshop on High Pressure, Planetary, and Plasma Physics, 23.09.2015 - 25.09.2015
Sep. 15, 2015: Deadline for proposals in structural biology (BioStruct-X)

Status ANKA

On April 2nd 2015, the ANKA directorate announced that ANKA will only be operated exclusively for in house research of KIT/Helmholz (LKI) and for a reduced number of weeks per year, with a perspective for outside users to continue through existing cooperations. In response to the request for information by the user community, Prof. Dr. Saile has summarized the current situation in a letter. Furthermore, the operations calendar for the remainder of 2015 has now been finalized and made public. [more] [archive]
New possibilities for materials science, ultrafast chemistry, and structural biology at European XFEL

The Helmholtz Senate has given the green light for the Association's involvement in a new kind of experimentation station at the European XFEL in Hamburg, Germany: the Helmholtz International User Consortia at the European XFEL will be funded with 30 million euro. The largest portion of the funding goes to the Helmholtz International Beamline for Extreme Fields (HIBEF), which will contribute essential components to the High-Energy Density Science (HED) instrument. [archive]
Stefan Eisebitt is the new KFS-chair

At the constituent meeting of the 10th KFS, Stefan Eisebitt (TU Berlin) was elected as new KFS-chair. Vice chair is Bridget Murphy (Uni Kiel). The departments are: Public Relations: Andreas Schreyer (HZG), Instrumentation: Tim Salditt (Uni Göttingen) and Users: Birgit Kanngießer (TU Berlin). [more] [archive]