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Condensed Matter Research with Nuclear Probes and Ion Beams
The deuteron too poses a mystery

The deuteron — one of the simplest atomic nuclei, consisting of just one proton and one neutron — is considerably smaller than previously thought. The new result is consistent with a 2010 study, in which the researchers measured the proton and found a significantly smaller value than previous research using different experimental methods. [more] [archive]

approaching deadlines:

Jun. 24, 2018: Abstract deadline for Gordon Research Conference Scientific Methods in Cultural Heritage Research, Jul. 22-27
Jun. 29, 2018: Registration deadline for 16th International Conference on Nuclear Microprobe Technology and Applications, Jul. 08-18
Jun. 30, 2018: Registration deadline for PSI Master School 2018 - Introducing photons, neutrons and muons for materials characterization, Sep. 03-14
Jul. 02, 2018: Preregistration deadline (cheaper) for German Conference for Research with Synchrotron Radiation, Neutrons and Ion Beams at Large Facilities (SNI2018), Sep. 17-19
Jul. 02, 2018: Preregistration deadline (cheaper) for REM10 – 10th Radiation Effects in Matter – Festschrift for Wei Kan Chu, Aug. 06-08

election result
KFSI election: the result

The users of nuclear sonds and ion beams have elected their representatives with an strong turnout of 65 %: Prof. Dr. Günther Dollinger, Dr. Stefan Facsko, PD Dr. Christoph Hugenschmidt, Dr. Silke Merchel, Prof. Dr. Hans Hofsäss and Prof. Dr. Reinhard Krause-Rehberg are the elected members of the new KFSI. [more] [archive]

SNI2018: Register at early bird rate until July 2, 2018

The early bird conference fee for the German Conference for Research with Synchrotron Radiation, Neutrons and Ion Beams at Large Facilities 2018 (Garching, Sept. 17-19, 2018) is 75/150 € for PhD students and scientists respectively - if you register until July 2, 2018. After that date, it is 100/175 €. Please observe that accomodation will be a bottleneck, take care to reserve a hotel romm in time. The abstracts are currently being evaluated. [more] [archive]

Report of MAT-Science Week (April 24 -27, 2018) at GSI

The MAT-Science Week (April 24 -27, 2018) at GSI brought together more than 100 scientists from 30 universities and research institutions worldwide involved in materials science with ion beams and related applied fields. Read Christina Trautmans report. [more] [archive]

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